Before we say hello to July and goodbye to the month of June, let’s start off by saying: CONGRATULATIONS, NEW YORK! We’re so happy that same-sex marriage is now legal–now anyone can get divorced! No, but for real–thank you, New York. Thank you for KEEPING IT REAL and legalizing gay marriage, for allowing people who love each other to have the rights that other people who love each other do.
Speaking of equal rights, here’s what MYQ KAPLAN, star of our upcoming Wednesday, July 6th show, has to say about bigotry.

And speaking of our favorite vegan comedian, in the next week or two, we’ll be posting a conversation that Freerange host MIRA PTACIN and funnyman MYQ KAPLAN shared on recent afternoon in Prospect Park. Stay tuned!
Did you happen to catch the most recent and quite riveting author interview on our website last week? In case you missed “Rhetoric & History”, please click HERE for Freerange’s MOLLY QUINN’s poignant interview with The Blue Orchard’s JACKSON TAYLOR.
It’s Monday, which means we have a delicious new essay up on our FRESHLY HATCHED page. Today’s special features a brief foray into the past of author LEN KUNTZ. Ladies and gents, we bring you Punctured:

In the umbra of her resolve, I watched Mother stick pin after pin into her skin. It scared the life out of me. I tried not to vomit or shriek or cry. Her entire left arm was covered. In between the silver sheen, a few spooky streaks of red ran down the underside of her elbow, dripping splotches on the floor. Out of pins, she flipped her head like a panther’s tail and said, “Go get more. There’s a big tin in the pantry.” I obeyed. To do differently would have produced disastrous results.


Many, many thanks to the New York Daily News and reporter Jordan Teicher for the classy coverage of FREERANGE’s momma bird, as well as the hardworking hosts Alex Dimitrov of the WILDE BOYS salon and MIXER’s Rebecca Keith. We appreciate your recognition and encouragement!