This ain’t no Old Country Buffet!

Hope you’re hungry, because this week at Freerange we bring to you (LIVE AND DIRECT!) four exceptional writers & chefs: JONATHAN DIXON, LAUREN SHOCKEY, DANYELLE FREEMAN, and MAX WATMAN. That’s right! On Wednesday, September 7th, 7pm, at PIANOS NYC, Freerange presents: A NIGHT OF FOOD WRITING.
So bring your literary appetites — these writers will be serving some gourmet writing that will leave you feeling like you had what we call “an elegant sufficiency.”

Wait. What’s that? You’ve got room for dessert?
Feast your eyes on this Freshly Hatched essay by funnyman Daniel Nester, author of How to be Inappropriate and other works of nonfiction.
Tucson, Arizona, 1961. Dr. Blanford Murlin Nester administers injections of testosterone enanthate to his 13-year-old son, Michael. The reason for prescribing this treatment, developed by chemists in post-war Germany who combined steroids with hog bile and other agents, is to “speed things up.” The diagnosis in today’s medical literature would be “delayed puberty.” Dr. Nester’s regimen lasts more than a year, and whatever is delayed, judging by family photos, occurs all at once, spontaneously, and at a relatively late date. In one picture dated 1962, Michael is a chubby-cheeked cherub with a slicked-down side part; in another dated 1964, he is six inches taller, a greaser with side-burns, about to enlist…READ THE WHOLE ESSAY.