Taking 2011 By Storm!

Many thanks to Kim Kupperman, Darin Strauss, and all our other readers and fans for making the December 1st installment of Freerange such a fantastic night.

If you weren’t able to make it to the show, you missed some great performances. But not to fret! We’ll soon be posting outstanding, hand-selected essays from our fabulous Freerange readers, as well as a new monthly installment of “Five Questions For . . . “, the newest addition to our Freerange website where we’ll dig deep into the minds of your favorite creative nonfiction authors and learn what makes them tick, tock, and churn out such amazing work. STAY TUNED!

Don’t forget to join us next month on Wednesday, January 5th, 6 p.m. at the Cornelia Street Cafe. We’ll be featuring authors Sander Hicks, Heather Kristin, Liza Monroy, and other talented writers!

Sander Hicks. Hicks is a media activist, a catalyst, and a journalist who reports for Alternet and other websites. He sings and write music in his band Rebel Moon. In 2010, Hicks produced the Truth Gathering, part of the launching of the Truth Party. He also founded two celebrated social ventures, Vox Pop Inc. and Soft Skull Press. In 2003, Hicks was in “Horns and Halos” (HBO/Cinemax) the independent publishing documentary that recorded our attempts to get unpopular truths out about G.W.Bush, through the biography Fortunate Son (Soft Skull, 1999). His own book, The Big Wedding (Vox Pop, 2005) breaks new ground on the working-class intelligence assets and whistle-blowers who tried to stop 9/11 from happening. In 2008, an independent film released called “Able Danger” was loosely based on his reporting on 9/11 in the New York Megaphone and book The Big Wedding. Hicks has reported for Alternet, GNN, Long Island Press, New York Press, and Catholic Worker.

Heather Kristin, a New York-born and based memoirist, novelist, playwright, violinist, composer, ex-actress, former subway performer, and new mom. Heather has written about spending most of her twenties as Kristin Davis stand-in on SEX AND THE CITY, youth culture in Russia, and home-schooling for various publications including Glamour, Slate, St. Petersburg Times, Narrative, Smith, New York Press, and West Side Spirit. Heather is currently writing a memoir about singing at Studio 54, playing the violin on street corners, auditioning for Pee-Wee Herman, being home-schooled and homeless all before age eleven. Her second memoir is about surviving Bob Jones University, a reality show, Sex and the City, and marrying at a chateau in France. An essay of hers will appear in the anthology “Live and Let Love,” Simon and Schuster, Feb. 2011. Heather is also a mentor at Girls Write Now, a non-profit that matches at-risk teens with professional woman writers.

Liza Monroy, the author of the debut novel Mexican High, (Spiegel & Grau/Random House). She is currently working on her second book. Her articles and essays have appeared in The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, the L.A. Times, Newsweek, Women’s Health, Everyday With Rachael Ray, The Village Voice, Jane, Poets & Writers, Self, Bust and other publications, including the anthologies One Big Happy Family, edited by Rebecca Walker, The New York Times’ Best of Modern Love, the travelogues Mexico, A Love Story and Greece, A Love Story. She taught writing at Columbia University, where she earned her MFA, and at Mediabistro. She has called many places “home”: Mexico, Italy, Holland, Prague, Greece, Venezuela, Spain, Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, and Brooklyn.