Sayonara Cornelia, Hello Pianos!

“It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer.”
— E.B. White (Charlotte’s Web)


Thank you , thank you, thank you to last night’s sterling storytellers and enthusiastic audience for making the April 6th installment of Freerange such a blast! And I know I say this pretty much after every show, but I think last night’s was one of the BEST EVER! 

In case you missed their performances, can catch the essays of Polly Bresnick and Molly Rose Quinn, two of our emerging writers, on our Freshly Hatched page by clicking on the photo below! 

Also, check back Wednesday, April 13th for our next installment of “FIVE QUESTIONS FOR“, where I’ll be interviewing Melissa Febos, author of WHIP SMART: A MEMOIR. Melissa also read at last night’s show and blew our minds, as did the stories of Michele Carlo, Shelly Oria, and Kassi Underwood. Thanks, gang!

I know we mentioned Freerange was going to make some big announcements last night, and we sure did: First of all, we finally picked a logo from the millions and millions (and MILLIONS) of contest entries. Despite the fact that we’d talked about trying to go beyond poultry-and-typewriter-related images, we couldn’t help but fall in love with architect Andrew Jackson’s winning entry . . .

The image is exactly what one pictures of when one thinks of what the logo for Freerange should be, and we couldn’t fight the feeling any longer. As you know, Freerange practices the method of literary husbandry wherein our authors are permitted to write, read & roam freely, traditional categories or labels notwithstanding. Our principle is to allow artists of nonfiction as much freedom as possible, to live out their instinctual behaviors in a reasonably natural way . . . regardless of whether or not they are eventually killed for meat! By this technique, we have presented memoirists, journalists, political activists, comedians and poets alongside one another to promote the vast and vital genre of creative nonfiction.

Moving on to the next big bit of news . . .

So. In February 2008, I founded Freerange Nonfiction  and since then, I’ve taken such pleasure in having watched what was once a tiny little reading series grow into a foundation for literary lovers in Manhattan and beyond. I love literature, I love writers, and I know how difficult it is to try to “make it” as a professional artist, or to at least have one’s work treated with validity and respect. That’s why I’m happy to work my tail feathers off for no little or no pay to get talented writers–who may not otherwise have a chance–a chance to have their work heard and recognized.
Our very first show was held at Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC, and since then, curator & poet Angelo Verga and the rest of the very wonderful gang at the cafe has been very warm and nurturing to us. But since our debut show three years ago, Freerange has grown to a point where we can’t fit all our fans in the lovely space at Cornelia Street. So, last night, I was sad to say it was our final show at the Cornelia Street Cafe and that we’re “leaving the nest”.

That’s right–following its rapidly-expanding fan base, Freerange is reborn with services and tools for those interested in creative nonfiction, new website featuring outlets for publication and other resources for writers and fans of storytelling, and on Wednesday, My 4th at 7 p.m., we are hosting our official “Rebirth/Relaunch” party at our new home, which will be a culmination of Freerange’s recent growth. So as we say thank you and “Sayonara, Cornelia”, won’t you please join us in saying “HELLO PIANOS!”:

Freerange’s “Rebirth/Relaunch” celebration  at Pianos NYC ( on Wednesday, May 4th, 7:00 p.m.

Featuring performances by the following authors:

  • MICHAEL SHOWALTER, comedian, actor, writer, director and author of the most recent Mr. Funny Pants (Grand Central, 2011)
  • ALISON ESPACH, author of the most-recent, critically acclaimed debut novel The Adults (Scribner, February 2011)

  • KOREN ZAILCKAS, author of the internationally best-selling and socially-charged memoir Smashed (Penguin, 2005) and its follow up Fury (Viking Adult, September 2010)
  • MATTHUE ROTH, author of the memoir Yom Kippur a Go-Go, the novel Losers, and the feature film 1/20 (currently in post-production). As a slam poet, he’s filmed for HBO and MTV. He lives with his family in Brooklyn and keeps a secret diary at

As always, thanks again for your support and your shared love for storytelling. Looking forward to seeing you at the next show!



Very truly yours,

Mira Ptacin
Founder & Host of Freerange Nonfiction
P.S. Wondering who took all those great pics? Sing your praises to our new Freerange photographer-in-residence, Victoria “The Babe” Cooper!!!