Roofs Blown Off!

UPDATE: Check out our Monday, August 8th installment of Freshly Hatched! PLANS FOR HAPPINESS BY JANET FREEMAN.

Yes, yes, we say this after every show, but our August 3rd installment may possibly have been the best show we’ve ever had!

As author Seth Fried predicted, we blew the roof off Pianos. Then, we built them a new roof that was way better than the one they had. The owners of Pianos were all like, “Oh man, thanks so much for this new roof!” and we were all like, “Whatever, no big deal.”

Big thanks to all our authors: B.C. Edwards, Courtney Maum, Seth Fried, Carmela Ciuraru, and Deb Olin Unferth for their unique and spectacular performances! (Photos coming soon!)

Be sure to mark your calendars for the next installment of Freerange:
September 7, 2011: A Night of Food Writing

Jonathan Dixon (author of BEATEN, SEARED, AND SAUCED) , Danyelle Freeman (author of TRY THIS, & founder of
Max Watman (author of CHASING THE WHITE DOG) and Lauren Shockey (author of FOUR KITCHENS)

See you next month!