Post-Freerange Bliss

Thanks to everyone who came out for last night’s show!
In case you missed it, Myq Kaplan, Diana Spechler, Stacy Pershall, Jon Sands and Chloe Caldwell had us all simultaneously laughing and crying . . . that’s nonfiction for you, baby!
We’re looking forward to our next installment (Wednesday, August 3rd @ 7 p.m.) where we’ll be featuring the lovely DEB OLIN UNFERTH, SETH FRIED, CARMELA CIURARU, CARTER EDWARDS, and COURTNEY MAUM.
Be sure to check back here next Monday for a new FRESHLY HATCHED piece, as well as a conversation between Freerange founder MIRA PTACIN and comedian MYQ KAPLAN about what constitutes “nonfiction,” about what’s funny and not funny, about where to find inspiration, and about eating the environment.

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