Monday Mornin’ Round-Up

Have you checked out the Freerange gang lately? Golly, there’s so much going on. We can hardly keep up! (No, really, we can’t… we’re hiring interns here). It’s been POURING all week in NYC, and this is what we’ve all been up to…
The amazing Mary Ellen Marks is published this week at SMITH Magazine’s “My Life So Far”. Mary Ellen was probably the first-ever Freerange fan! You should check out SMITH Magazine’s multiple venues for publication, and read Mary Ellen’s fabulous piece, YOUR BRA IS NOT SUPPORTING YOU.
Powerhouse fictionist J.E. Reich reported on our recent Freerange show (which featured Deb Olin Unferth, Carmela Ciuraru, Seth Fried, Courtney Maum, and Carter Edwards), at the very-cool Thanks, J.E.! You can also check out the photos from that show, which are live now on our Facebook page; many thanks to photographer & friend Rita Valkovskaya.
Next weekend, the For the Birds Collective presents: THE WRITTEN BIRD, a two-day feminist writing conference. Saturday, August 27 will feature a slew of workshops at WORD Bookstore in Greenpoint, 1-6pm. And on Saturday, August 28, For the Birds hosts a reading at Bluestockings Bookstore on the Lower East Side featuring none other than Mira Ptacin and Freerange alum (July) Stacy Pershall! Click the poster below to learn more about the stand-up ladies over at For the Birds.

What else? We are also thrilled to present the soulful portrait, “SECOND MARRIAGES” by Jacob Houser today at Freshly Hatched. Below is a glimpse, and be sure to check out our submissions page for Freshly Hatched, too!
The sorts of cigarettes that Harvey smokes are the kind that kill off the poor with progressive taxation — the worst of the worst. Pipe tobacco, sun-baked, dirt cheap, rolled up in extra-thick paper — something incapable of doing anything more that providing a fix. The kind that are more cigar than cigarette. The kind that arrive in duffel bag-sized containers and sting the throat and nostrils. The kind that eschew filters, tampons, out of cowboy-killing masculine hubris.
Last but not least, Freerange would also like to lead your fine-writing-self over to LUMINA, the literary journal produced by the graduate writing program at Sarah Lawrence. The current issue will be edited by our own Molly Rose Quinn, and you should definitely submit.

FINALLY: Don’t forget to mark your calendars. A NIGHT OF FOOD WRITING: SEPTEMBER 7 is coming up! Did you know that there is only one thing in this world that is better than writing AND food? And that thing is writing about food. RSVP and check out our authors: JONATHAN DIXON, LAUREN SHOCKEY, DANYELLE FREEMAN, and MAX WATMAN.