Literary Nuggets

Happy New Week, everyone. We’ve got some delicious literary bites on our menu for you this week!

Today’s Special: a Freshly Hatched essay by FR alum Brandi Neal:

“The Nightbird”: My father’s Nissan chugs like a tired train ‘round hairpin turns up South Mountain in Phoenix. I don’t let my eyes dart toward the edge because I’m afraid of heights. And dying. And plunging off cliffs. My plan is to get to the summit just as the sun begins to sink, admire the view, and get back to the hospital in time to tuck my father in for the night…READ MORE.

Sound familiar? If you happened to be at the June Freerange show (which featured Myq Kaplan, Diana Spechler, Stacy Pershall, and Chloe Caldwell), Brandi was there, too, and she read this poignant essay. It was a night worth writing home about.

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And finally, something sweet: be sure to check out Freerange author MICHAEL KIMBALL at the FRANKLIN PARK READING SERIES on Monday, August 15th! (Not only do they have an amazingly awesome reading series, Franklin Park Bar also boasts deliriously delicious Bourbon Milk Shakes!)