If Winter Comes, Can Spring Be Far Behind?

HELLO, READERS! And happy spring!

You may not know this, but I live in Portland, Maine (not NYC, though I used to). It’s been a ferocious winter (weather-wise) for most of the East Coast, but here in Maine it’s truly been brutal. Last year was my first winter in Maine and everyone kept telling me it was nothing. I sort of believed them, rolled my eyes, said yeah yeah yeah, sure. But they were right. Last year was nothing. Of course, it took Nemo and several other snow storms this year for me to understand just how nothing last year was. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve lived in the Northeast for most of the last decade, so I’ve seen my share of nasty winter storms and unfairly low temperatures. But there’s something different about living through it in Maine. Snow boots, a winter parka, hat, gloves, and multiple layers aren’t just suggested, they’re standard uniform for more than five straight months. A couple weeks ago I declared to anyone who’d listen that I’m not going to wear my winter coat again this year. This declaration lasted about two days before another storm hit.

Maine in March is like that – it will be sunny and 40 degrees one day and then BOOM, a snow storm hits the very next day. Your daydreams of beach picnics and lake swimming are zapped – poof!

The light at the end of the long winter tunnel is approaching. Or are we approaching it? Either way, it’s there. More and more these days, I wake to bright sunlight and the sound of chirping starlings. Some mornings, if I keep my eyes shut long enough and listen, I can imagine quite vividly a warm, summer’s day in Maine. Now, I’ve only lived through two summers here, but believe me when I tell you the summers here are really something.

It’s been a great month of submissions and I’m eager to see what’s ringing in the inbox. Please keep submitting. We read everything. The essays I’ve read and helped to publish this past year have been a treat. I’m touched (and sometimes even haunted) by all of them.

Stay well and dust off your suits because swimming season is just around the corner.


Claire Jeffers