Hotter than a Hot Toddy!

Freerangers one and all… what a cozy night we had last Wednesday, January 5th, at our very first event of the brand new year. Thanks to the positively enormous crowd that came out, braved the cold weather, and packed the house (admit it, snuggling next to a stranger wasn’t so bad) . . . and special thanks to those who carried on to the Dove Parlour after-party. Mira didn’t lose her shoe this time, but it was still a free-raging evening.

* * *

It’s WEDNESDAY, which means we’re posting a new hand-picked, freshly-hatched essay from one of our Freerange writers:

“Somewhere in Soho, on a street corner that could have been on the northeast side of an intersection on Vandam or Broome, a woman lay dark among the December buildings.  She had landed from a floor many feet above the heads of pedestrians or cars, far above awnings or the tops of plane trees and maples.  The sidewalk was bald, mostly, and the woman anchored herself to it as though she was facing winter, right out to the thronging streets . . .”


* * *

February will soon be upon us! We have a really exciting event in the works which will feature author Mary Morris, author of the most recent, hilarious and critically-acclaimed travel narrative, THE RIVER QUEEN (among other brilliant works). Morris will lead the feature segment as a solo act, and a slew of, count ‘em, FOUR fresh emerging writers will be opening the night . . .

Wednesday, February 2nd at the Cornelia Street Café, 6pm

29 Cornelia Street, $7 Cover/includes drink

Mira Ptacin, host


Mary Morris, author of the travel memoirs THE RIVER QUEEN, NOTHING TO DECLARE, WALL TO WALL, and ANGELS & ALIENS,  along with six novels and three collections of short stories. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter.

with emerging writers:

Nedda Alammar

Mary Barbour

Carol Bartold

Penina Roth

and don’t forget! We’ll be migrating over to the Dove Parlour again for schmoozing and hot toddying at the Dove Parlour (228 Thompson Street btwn. Bleecker & West 3rd.)

* * *

What else is new on the Freerange? We thought you’d never ask. We are thrilled to announce that we’ll be conducting a LOGO CONTEST in the upcoming weeks. As Freerange continues to plant seeds and grow to beanstalk heights, we’ll be amping up our web and press presence, and we are on the lookout for an artist who’d like to work with us. Look for further details in the coming weeks!

And don’t forget! Our new twice-monthly web-featurette “FIVE QUESTIONS WITH…” can be found HERE. Media-cowboy Sander Hicks’ interview went up last week, and Liza Monroy (also from the January 5th event) will offer her brain to be picked in the next edition on Wednesday, January 19th.

We can’t thank our friends, family, and fans enough for surviving 2010 with us. The coming year will be filled with a lot of new and exciting developments, and we won’t be able to do it without your love and support.

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