Home of the brave and the FREERANGE!

Happy Independence Week, everyone! We hope you had a great vacation and didn’t hurt yourself or anybody else via fireworks or Jell-O overload. First things first: Freerange’s July installment!
with Myq Kaplan, Jon Sands, Stacy Pershall, Diana Spechler & Chloe Caldwell
Doors open at 7 p.m., admission $8.00, includes raffle ticket

This week, we’re sharing with you a stunning essay by the sultry and talented Shanna Germain. Shanna’s work has appeared in McSweeney’s, Salon, Best American Erotica, Best Gay Romance, Hint Fiction, The American Journal of Nursing, Storyglossia and we’re thrilled to be featuring her in our Freshly Hatched collection. To read Shanna’s essay “Sins of The Daughter: Lust IV”, click here!
Bust out your Lisa Frank notebook and No. 2 pencil and SAVE THE DATE! Next month’s Wednesday, August 4th show is one not to be missed! And if that doesn’t convince you, maybe this lineup will:

Deb Olin Unferth (Revolution, Minor Robberies, Vacation)
Seth Fried (The Great Frustration)
Carter Edwards
Courtney Maum