Hibernation Vacation

Some conclude summer with Labor Day cookouts. Some are struck by the sudden quiet after their kids return to school, while others note the sensation in their face akin to Velcro rubbing against it and are reminded that allergy season—or, Autumn–has arrived.

The crew at Freerange prefers to mark the new season by rocking out at the Brooklyn Book Festival. Each September, Brooklyn holds the largest free literary event in New York City, where thousands of writers and readers get together and blow the roof off. It’s like fashion week for nerds, but better.

This year at the BKBF, we were ecstatic to see many Freerange alums (and forthcoming readers) shining at the festival. We’re so proud of you, and we thank you for inspiring us not to only consume books, but to continue to work on our crafts as well. The big event reminds us that we’re not alone. Yet it also reminds us that it’s time to hibernate. It’s time to hide. It’s time to write! So this is how we will proceed: by embracing isolation, which is needed for introspection, which is necessary for successful storytelling.

Speaking of good stories, this week on Freshly Hatched, we take a brief foray into the mind of Matthew Dexter, in “The Workers Who Have No Names”:

They whittle away their afternoons at Walmart, bagging groceries for gringos, begging in silence by piling their moneda in the corner of the conveyor belt for customers to notice. They are children. They are the fortunate ones. Better off than those forced by pregnant mothers to peddle handcrafted butterflies and painted whistles to tourists in marina restaurants or sleazy cantinas full of whores. CLICK TO READ MORE.


Yours sincerely,

Mira Ptacin, Freerange Founder & Executive Director
& Molly Rose Quinn, Managing Director