Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Is it just us, or is the month of June moving faster than, well, chickens on a Junebug? So how about some soul food for your minds to start this week off properly? Perhaps something different to help you savor your day?
For Today’s Special, we’ve got a freshly hatched essay from Stacy Pershall, author of Loud in the House of Myself: Memoir of a Strange Girl, and one of the featured readers at our July 6th show.
from Stacy Pershall’s “Que Le Vaya Bien”:

The first time I saw Gideon, he was wearing a peacock-blue polyester jacket with heart-shaped plaid patches sewn onto the elbows, swinging his head wildly and grinning from ear to ear, thumping out “Turkey in the Straw” on an upright bass scrawled with the Sharpie signature of Mike Watt of The Minutemen. I sat at the bar next to my best friend Glenn, who also happens to be my ex-husband, and said, “That’s the man I’m going to marry…READ MORE.

If this doesn’t have you excited enough, here’s a sneak peak at Diana Spechler’s latest novel, Skinny. Yes, yes, Diana will be there in July, too! Yes, yes, we’ve got it all!

Come back and visit our site later on this week: Freerange managing director Molly Quinn will be interviewing the wise and eloquent Jackson Taylor, who read from his nonfiction novel The Blue Orchard at Freerange a few weeks ago. Jackson’s interview will be the first in a new series of our Author Interviews feature…next week Myq Kaplan will share vegan witticisms with founder Mira Ptacin. Yes, yes, we’ve got it all.