Delicious Autumn

Fall has finally arrived. Having grown up in Connecticut, it’s always been my favorite season: cooler temperatures, the changing leaves, packing away bathing suits and flip flops for sweaters and boots. Giant mugs of chai, spending a delicious afternoon curled up with a good book, the flurry and promise of back to school (even if you’re many years past that, now). It’s a season I find as nostalgic as I do revitalizing: a time to take up new projects and embark on new adventures before the lazy days of winter set in.

With that in mind, Mira and I are very excited to introduce you to the brand-new members of the Freerange Family.

We have a new Senior Editor, Claire Jeffers, and TWO new Submissions Interns: Allie Rosenthal and Tadiwanashe Madenga; you can read all about these three fabulous ladies here.

We’re also thrilled to have Kaitlin Fontana joining us as the new host of NYC’s chapter of the Freerange Nonfiction Reading Series (while Mira will be launching a Freerange branch in her new state of Maine very soon!). That’s right, after a summer of hibernation, Freerange is returning, and will be in extremely capable hands here in New York. Kaitlin is a National Magazine award-winning writer and oft-nominee, a Brooklynite, an improviser, a comedy writer, and a sketch comedian who has performed across North America. We’ll have more details on the Reading Series soon, but for now you can learn more about Kaitlin here .

And up at Freshly Hatched this week, we have a perfect essay to kick-start fall: “The Death of Piney” by Kristin LeMay:

“On my thirtieth birthday, I killed a pine tree. In an oblique way, I know, we kill them every day: photocopiers, newspapers, paper napkins. But this murder was different, for this tree was given to my care, tied with a birthday bow. Araucaria heterophylla, a Norfolk Island Pine. I named it Piney.”

You can read the rest here.

Managing Editor of Freerange Nonfiction