Cunning Linguists

Question: Why write poems? Why tell stories? What is the point?! The staff here at Freerange would like to pose a more challenging question. Ask yourself: Why is there something rather than nothing?
We are the heroes of the universe! We are consciousness! The question isn’t why (or why not) we should be storytellers. The real question is DO WE HAVE FAITH?

This week on Freerange, we’re pleased to present two artists who are aware of the power of language. In Freshly Hatched, we feature wordsmith JAMIE IREDELL and his nostalgic essay, “Reconcilliation”:

The only difference between most of my classmates and me was our skin tone and language. I struggled to learn Spanish. But together we were small town Catholics, suffering through life and mass at Our Lady of Refuge. READ MORE.

Also, we invite you to spy on the colloquy between award-winning comic MYQ KAPLAN and Freerange founder MIRA PTACIN in Veganomics: A Conversation about Creation & Consumption.

With words and rhythms and images, the writer, the poet and the artist not only captures a moment, but they freezes it, hold it hostage, examine and extract their version of “the truth” then present it in an exciting new way. The creation of a good story involves more than simple verbal regurgitation. When done well, the results can be tremendous: real, truthful art can alter, bend and sunder the bonds that hold us in to our separate universes.

(And it doesn’t help if you’re pretty good with words. Samuel Langhorne Clemens >>ahem<< Mark Twain got it quite right when he said, “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”)