Can You Taste It?

In just one week’s time, we’ll be hosting the first-ever FREERANGE NONFICTION PRESENTS: A NIGHT OF FOOD WRITING. Clear your schedules & bring your appetites! We are featuring four exceptional writers & chefs: JONATHAN DIXON, LAUREN SHOCKEY, DANYELLE FREEMAN, and MAX WATMAN.

To hold you over until then, check out Marissa Quenqua’s essay “God Hates This” on Freshly Hatched this week. Here’s the first taste:
In the locker room shower, my step sister points down to my crotch and yells. “Look! She has hair!” “Shut up.” I say. My step mother continues to feverishly brush sand from all three of our bodies. Her hands move quickly and unobtrusively around my middle. She opens the bottom of my suit in the front then the back, to let in the warm water. Just the act of her doing this offends me. At home I wash myself. The showers at the beach are dark, dank, and dirty. I can feel sand grains and cement scratching my bare feet. All three of us are huddled in together like shivering rats. I hate thisREAD ON!

See you at Pianos, September 7, 7pm!Isn’t food the best?