Julie Klam


by Mira Ptacin

February 14, 2011

The Elements of . . . Snout

Author Julie Klam balances dogs and writing

1. What is your writing routine?

I take my laptop on to my bed, that means I’m going to work, not tweet or facebook and then I write. I have between two and five dogs laying around me trying to get their snouts on the keyboard.


2. What is your definition of “truth” in terms of writing creative nonfiction?

Well, memoir involves memories. And my memoirs involve my memories so they are my truth. I happen to have a ridiculously retentive memory, but I also take a lot of notes in life. If someone says something in a peculiar or interesting way, I jot it down.

3. What is the biggest nemesis to your creative spirit?

The intraweb and the doggie web and the kid web. But I do pretty well even with a lot of distractions.

4. What do you hope people take away from your writing?

I hope they are entertained and that they feel like whatever their mishigas is, they are not alone. With YOU HAD ME AT WOOF, I got a lot of letters from people who told me I made them feel less crazy (by I guess, being so crazy myself) so that’s good.

5. What writers have inspired you the most, and why?

David Rakoff, Sarah Vowell, Tobias Wolff, Rich Cohen. They each tell true stories –their own or other people’s –in a compelling way.