Peace & War Stories: Oct. 5 Recap

Each month the Freerange team gathers at Pianos at 6pm. We nudge around the chairs and benches, set out our postcards and programs, and touch up our red lipstick. The hour before the doors open can be tense, exhilarating, unpredictable. And three hours later, another show has passed, another group of performers are officially Freerange “alums.” Each month, Freerange changes and evolves into something different, something new, based on the exceptional, generous writers who grace our stage, and our wonderfully spirited audience members. We are always surprised, and always elated.
Last night was no exception. We have endless thanks to give for Freerangers near and far, but to mention a few: special gratitude to our marvelous authors Matt Ufford, Peter Bebergal, and Daniel Long who read their words on stage last night. And also to Zack Orion, gypsy one-man-band, who we are proud to call Freerange’s very first musical act. Also thanks to the bartenders and staff at Pianos NYC, our loyal venue. To our unstoppable interns, Marie-Helene Westgate, Adriana Widdeos, Michelle Koufopolous, and Beth Morgan. And not least at all: photography Zee Hartmann (check out Zee’s fabulous work on our facebook page.)
And to each of you: readers, audience members, friends, family, and fans. Many thanks. And do join us next month: Wednesday, November 2, at 7pm, at Pianos NYC (158 Ludlow), featuring Royal Young, Rebecca Keith, Arthur Jones, and Joseph Salvatore.
If you are an emerging writer, published author, agent, or editor (in any genre!) that is interested in learning more about our program and getting involved, please send us a note at, at any time. We are continuously reviewing candidates for upcoming shows and essays for our online series, Freshly Hatched. Have a great weekend, everyone!
Sincerely yours,
The Freerange Crew